How hands are like Jesus

One of my earliest memories is my father praying a simple prayer with me before I went to bed.  First we would open a not-to-well-read bible, open it anywhere it happened to open, then he’d have me point to a section on the page, without looking.  He’d take a pencil and circle where I had […]


This morning, before turning on the light, i decided to catch my mind before it started. Usually upon awakening, the thoughts in my brain begin to race, what am i doing today?  who will i see?  where will i go?  where do i have to be? i, i, i! Then,  yesterday come rushing through; concerns, […]

Starting Out Broken

I was born with what they called “crossed eyes.”  My parents wanted my eyes straightened, and eye surgery had to be done early in life.  It works better, because our brains aren’t fully wired yet.  I had my first eye surgery at 13 months.  I guess it didn’t work, because I had to have several […]

Like A Child Grappling

Like a child grappling in the darkness, For something, someone to dispel the Darkness Reaching out, with blinded hands, For someone, anyone, Another, outside To hold me close, To be my guide. But you cannot fill My longing soul; Still I beg and plead, “Please make me whole!” But you cannot, When will I learn? […]

To A Patient

You perceive your world As a war to fight — No one you know Ever treated you right.   So, you come here with an attitude Certain that we won’t help either, That we will only judge you, Just like everyone else.   I don’t know what’s made you How you are If your amygdala’s […]

Don’t Be Who You Are

  The world echoes in your mind. So you dance to the tune that they play And leave yourself behind. Then one day, eyes open wide, You stand up and say, “No! “I will no longer dance for you, “It’s time for me to go— “To go wherever heart shall lead, “I can no longer […]

Will You Be My God?

“Will you be my god?” I asked of the sea. “No,” it responded, “It cannot be me. I have no control Of the tides or the sand. My highs and my lows Come from other hands.”   I asked of the mountain, Strong and immense: “Will you be my god?” But it called me “dense.” […]